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Pinstriping Rolls

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This listing is for SIXTEEN metres of pin striping, supplied as 10x 1600mm lengths.

Easy to apply, waterproof and durable. Can be applied to any smooth, clean surface, including, metal, glass, fibreglass and wood. Won't damage paint, and can be removed if and when required.

Made from high quality self-adhesive vinyl, suitable for long-term indoor or outdoor use.

Pin stripe rolls are getting harder and harder to find in New Zealand and overseas - particularly if you're after an unusual colour or width.

We make custom pin striping rolls to order in almost any width, and in a range of 35 colours. The maximum length is limited to 1600mm, due to our production method.

- 2mm
- 3mm
- 4mm
- 5mm
- 6mm
- 7mm
- 8mm
- 9mm
- 10mm
- 12mm
- 20mm
- 50mm